Quality of Life,
Water Security,
Fiscal Responsibility

About Geoff Ellsworth

Growing up, I helped my parents with all aspects of winemaking, including the intricate relationship between viticulture, agriculture, and local business. For over 35 years, my family ran the Compleat Winemaker. Spending many summers behind the counter of our supply store, I grew to know the town and just how important it is to maintain the character of St. Helena for everyone who lives, works, or visits here.

As a young man, I built my career as an artist, adopting my parents’ down-to-earth work ethic. Over the years I evolved from a struggling artist to a successful one, and while my career has led me to travel and live all over the United States, my heart has always been in St. Helena. I have continued to contribute towards community art initiatives and projects because I knew I had a responsibility to give back to the community that shaped me into the person I am today.

I have been a member of the St. Helena City Council since 2016, where I’ve worked to bring transparency and responsible fiscal management to local government. I have advocated for a review of St. Helena’s water delivery system and for the fair pricing of residential water, as well as for the protection of our source waters. I draw upon my family’s years of experience in viticulture to better understand how to engineer the local water supply to provide fair and equitable service to all.
I am a listener and problem-solver. I have a deep instinct for fairness. Throughout my life and career as a City Council member, I’ve made it known that I’m not afraid to speak my mind or stand up for what I believe is right and fair.

I understand what makes St. Helena special. I hope to continue my work to preserve the best qualities of our town, our community as we move towards a new and brighter future.

Geoff’s Endorsements

Bay Area Leaders

Lowell Smith, former St. Helena Mayor

Napa Vision 2050

Mary Koberstein St. Helena City Council

David Knudsen St. Helena Planning Commission

Kathy Felch, Napa Vision 2050

Beth Novak, Spottswoode Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture

Andy Beckstoffer, Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture

Julia Winiarski Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture

Mike Hackett Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture

Preserve Rural Sonoma County

Cio Perez, Napa County Farm Bureau Board Member (ret)

Amy Martenson, Napa Valley College Board of Trustees

Oscar de Haro, Napa City College Vice President for Student Services

Gayle McLaughlin, two-term Richmond Mayor and candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Juan Reardon, Richmond Progressive Alliance co-founder

Xulio Soriano, Napa Valley College Board of Trustees candidate

Napa County Taxpayers Association

George Caloyannidis, Sponsor of Helicopter Ban Measure D

Christine Tittel, Sponsor of Helicopter Ban Measure D

Napa County Green Party

St. Helena Residents

Rosaura Segura • Tom Rinaldi • Bev Kinney • Doug Barr • Lois Battuello • Tom Belt • Margot Belt • Paul Bertoli • Michael Caldarola • Amy Caldarola • Anne Carr • Oscar de Haro • Sharon Dellamonica • Marybeth Egner • Phoebe Ellsworth • Jan Flynn • Lana Ivanoff • Clare Kirkconnell • Tona Kovacevic • Susan McWilliams • Terry McWilliams • Anthony Micheli • John Milliken • Sienna O’Connell • Jean Rego • Linda Rose • Richard Seiferheld • Glenn Smith • Pam Smithers • Mark Smithers • John York • Susan Allan • Pat Dell • Larry Cronwell • Linda Cronwell • Vickie Bradshaw • Ester Akersloot • Liza Russ • Peter Scott • Gordie Adams • Jerry Hyde • Michele Barberi Hyde • Richard Seiferheld • Susan Davis • Pam Griffin • Mike Griffin • Ana-Carolina De Haro • Luis Hurtado • Rosa Hurtado • Francisca Hurtado • Eduardo Gutierrez • Guadalupe Gutierrez • Jose Gutierrez • Martha Medrano • Vanessa Medrano • Monica Bautista • Miguel Bautista Jr. • Jan Neimi • Tom Farrell • Heidi Holzhauer • Helen Walka Dake • Chuck Dake • Peter Edelen • Tom Pickering • Faxon Russ • Don Fraser • Norm Manzer • Linda Manzer • Marina McMillian • Marina Bomar • Jeanie Battistuzzi • Christine Tittel •  Herb and Geri Berquez •  Lowell and Christie Young •  Bob and Cindy Mathiney •  Elaine de Man •  Jordan Coonrad •  Connie Wilson •  Marianne Brooks •  Kathy Coldiron • Bonnie Long • Craig Geis • Kathy McCarthy • Misty Sagadin Cole

Out of Town Endorsements

Eliza Kelly • Kathy • Barbara Niemann • Donald Niemann • Larry Vermeulen • John Newbold • Jeremy Frietas •  Susan Kenward • Tor Kenward • Charlotte Helen Williams •  Johah Raskin •  Michelle Pellegrin • Kellie Anderson • Yeoryios Appallas • Ginna Beharry • Roman Coppola • Bob Dwyer • Craig Fraser • David Garden Jr. • Bill Hardin • Lisa Hirayama • Bill Hocker • Chris Malan • Dan Mufson • John Newbold • Faxon Russ • Diane Shepp • Dot Varland • Larry Varland • Sue Wagner • Donald Williams • Joanne Yates • Norma Tofanelli



Our water supply is the foundation of our city.  Our residents, shops and wineries depend on it.  But it is not a limitless resource. The rates we charge residents and industrial users have been mismanaged.  I believe we need more equitable rates and a more cautious approach to how much demand our system can sustain – especially from new developments outside the city.


No issue we face is harder.  Making housing more affordable yet in scale with our community involves big choices and a strategic approach. Building innovative infill housing could generate a more sustainable base of customers for our local businesses, as well as creating affordable workforce and middle class housing which will help reestablish St. Helena as first and foremost a livable town.


We live in the only town in the Valley that forces downtown businesses, pedestrians, bicyclists, commuters and commercial trucks to coexist on the same road – Highway 29.  But we can make things better with innovative transportation, housing and parking policies to get more people out of their cars and create better traffic flow. The City Council is looking at ways to make our Main Street businesses more accessible from the streets and alleys alongside Highway 29. While respecting our small town heritage what we cannot do is the same old thing.

City Services

Our roads are filled with potholes. Our sidewalks are hazardous. Maintenance on infrastructure and city buildings has been deferred. And families are demanding updates to libraries and parks.  Our city has the money and resources to fix things.  What we’ve lacked is the energy and innovative spirit to get things done.


Geoff’s Campaign